A new start

From July 2005 up until March 2009 I have been blogging about digital trends, music, and other areas of interest. This came to a halt because of personal reasons, and because I sensed that there was already to much blogging going on related to these subjects, and I felt I could not add much value anymore.
Since then I have become more and more intrigued with digital media starting to ‘invade’ our personal lives, up to our living room. I now listen to music that is streamed from a network, I watch movies from a NAS, I can watch TV either at home or from anywhere using my iPhone, and the ereader has recently entered our home. Since this has become a passion, I am feeling new enthusiasm to share my experiences.
Since this subject may be interesting for non-Dutch speakers as well, I decided to switch to English at the same time. Bear with me while the archive is still flooding with Dutch posts – their relevance will become less over time. Welcome to my new blog!

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